Ms. Hopkins truly helped me develop my writing skills. We worked together for two years and I can honestly say that she helped me develop not only my writing skills but also as a person, helping me through my college essay writing process as well as answering my questions on everything to do with college. She was always there when I had any questions and soon I was able to call her not only my tutor, but also my mentor. I used the advice she gave me and was able to do well on the SAT, as well as in all my AP English classes. Thank you!

Melissa helped me with my AP English class and preparing me for my SATs during my junior and senior high school years. She was an excellent tutor, and I can say with certainty that my ability to organize my thoughts into writing has improved significantly due to her methods and tips.

I started meeting with Mrs. Hopkins when I needed to prepare for the SAT. She helped me immensely with: learning vocabulary, the format of the test, strategies of test taking, and also writing. I met with Mrs. Hopkins again when I was applying to colleges; she helped me revise and edit my application essay and also gave me a lot of great advice. Due to Mrs. Hopkins and my hard work, I got accepted early decision.

Mrs. Hopkins was patient and thorough. She helped me find my voice, and I sent my college essays off with confidence.

Dear Mrs. Hopkins,
I did it! I got an 80 point improvement over my spring exam…all 80 points were on Verbal! I am extremely proud of my scores and even more thankful to you. I felt comfortable taking the SAT this time, and I think much of that is a result of working with you…Verbal has always been a struggle for me, but together, we made success. Keep up the good work!
~Sincerely thankful, Chris